Curious about CBD and what to get?

CBD is advertised everywhere these days, as the research shows, there is a good reason for that. CBD is considered to be a very powerful molecule with a variety of beneficial medical applications and with a very wide safety profile. In our practice, this product is commonly integrated in the protocols for the management of painful inflammatory conditions like arthritis, epilepsy, and even in the treatment of anxiety.

How do I know what CBD product to purchase?


The two most important factors to consider when purchasing any high quality CBD product are the concentration of Cannabidiol in the bottle and the form in which this CBD is presented. Common methods of delivery are through an oil, tincture, edible treats, topical creams, and more. The concentration refers to how powerful, and therefore, cost efficient the particular product is. While the presentation, or method of delivery, will have a more important role on how bioavailable the Cannabidiol (CBD) is once administered to the pet or human.


In my personal opinion, any product that has less than 250mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle will lack the concentration that is required to treat pets in a cost efficient way. In fact, in our practice, we only use products that are concentrated at 750mg per bottle or more. These concentrations allow the use of very small doses, making it not only more cost effective but also easier to administer.

The most common forms of presentation are oils, tinctures, edible treats and topical creams. Since CBD is a lipophilic molecule (meaning that it has a physical affinity to fat/oil), the oil form is the most powerful and bioavailable. This is especially true when absorption happens through the oral or nasal mucosa. The tinctures are absorbed the same way, but they are not as powerful and also lack the terpenes present in the oil form, while edible treats require the digestive absorption making it the least bioavailable. You can learn more about this in this study.                                                                                                     


CBD oil in particular has the added benefit of other compounds called terpenes. These terpenes are molecules that not only potentiate the effect and absorption of CBD but also have other beneficial effects in the body. Based on this current knowledge and taking into consideration the criteria of bioavailability and cost efficiency, our preferred CBD brand and the one we carry at our practices is Veterinary Botanics, now available for online purchase at




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